UTMS makes the goods flow information real and reliable, data security is guaranteed, real-time monitoring directly accounts for, and channel management prevents cross-border goods;


UTracerUTMS implements customized intelligent IoT devices through the fusion of blockchain technology and advanced 5G NB-IoT (narrowband Internet of Things) communication technology, and digitizes and blocks products by connecting UCOT (excellent chain) dynamic password anti-counterfeit smart tags. Record the whole process of supply chain circulation, and achieve one-to-one code, real-time traceability and precise anti-counterfeiting.



You can analyze users and products through the [Big Data Reporting Module]. The module will present the geographic location where the user uses the UTracer APP to verify the source of the merchant's goods, as well as the number and gender of the user, the way to verify the source of the product, the number of times, and the time.

Trust System

UTMS applies anti-counterfeiting traceability to all walks of life and solves consumer trust problems from the source. Help brands, channels, and traceability to be closely integrated, and build a blockchain IoT traceability source ecosystem that shares shared trust.


SIMPLE, EASY AND SECSimple, easy and secure

UTracer UTMS (Optimal Chain Enterprise Traceability Management System) is a world-leading Authentic Traceability IoT blockchain enterprise management system created by UCOT (Utility Chain), which is the UCOT (excellent chain) blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceability source. One of the core components of the ecosystem.



Authorized registration to obtain identity

Obtain the unique identity of the enterprise system through real-name registration system audit


Customized smart labels

Customized smart IoT tags to match brand positioning


Tracking product help decisions

View traceability reports to help companies make decision plans