Why UTracer


Easy to scan

Verify the authenticity of the product by scanning the personalized QR code label.

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Mobile phone sensor

The product traceability query is performed by sensing the dynamic encryption code NFC smart tag.


Excellent quality, timely traceability

Traceability information can be safely checked in blockchain to prevent tampering;


UTracer APP is a World-leading Authentic Traceability IoT blockchain mobile platform built by UDT, which is one of the core components of UDT’s blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceability ecosystem.


Blockchain IoT

UTracer APP achieves real-time traceability, accurate anti-counterfeiting and reliable traceability through the fusion of blockchain technology and advanced intelligent IoT devices. Consumers can easily obtain the origin, production batch, production date, traceability trajectory of the product by identifying the UCOT smart tag (NFC and QR code).

Safe and Secure

Unique Identification and Intelligent technology determine the authenticity of goods through blockchain intelligence in the whole delivery journey, creating a safe and secure consumer experience.


Real and Reliable

UTracer APP makes the transferring of real and reliable information possible, data security is guaranteed, and through real-time monitoring directly judge the accountability;